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The pressure is on to sort more material, with less contamination, faster than ever before. Therefore, keep up with the market’s demands, and stay competitive by sorting your single-stream materials with robots programmed to pick out and sort items based on your specific needs.

Our single-stream waste recycling robots learn and adapt as your recycling program needs evolve and therefore is a technology that grows with your business.  Our robots are a low-cost solution as they can seamlessly be retrofitted into your existing operations resulting in a rapid return on your investment.

It’s no secret that staffing a sorting facility is challenging. It’s a tough, dirty job and the increasing contamination within single-stream materials makes it more and more difficult for your staff to keep up with separating and sorting the recyclable materials from the trash.

With our robotic sorting lines, you’ll be able to process more tons per hour, decrease your operating costs, and provide cleaner materials as a result. This resolves your staffing problems by allowing them to occupy more important and rewarding roles such as quality control positions while the robots do the dirty work.

What’s more, you’ll also have real-time access to all the data produced by our robots allowing you to monitor progress, set goals, and make more informed decisions for your single-stream recyclable waste recycling facility.

Our robots can sort


  • PP

  • PS

  • PET
  • PVC

  • HDPE

  • PLA

  • LDPE

  • Tin metal

  • Aluminum


  • OCC

  • SOP

  • Carton

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