As many as needed : 30, 60, 3000

Will put the number of robots necessary to achieve the application.

Absolutely, because it doesn’t eat, break or sleep. Moreover, it can see material composition invisible to the human eye.

If you come across a new object you can scan few dozen examples that will get uploaded to the Waste Robotics Cloud Service and few days later you will be able to sort this object with precision.

Never. If you want an AI-only cheap robot with a suction cup we can make it at a competitive price.

If you want a quality sorting multi-sensor robot, it will be more expensive, and it will do more.

Waste Robotics can always be upgraded to offer more functionality.

Absolutely! Several robots working in series augments the robot’s workspace and material contact time so there is more opportunities to make the picks. Two (2) 30 picks/min robots will achieve more picks than one (1) 60 picks/min robot.

Yes, our multi-sensor robots can clearly recognise moderately overlapping objects.

Waste Robotics designs and fabricates specialized robotic toolings for various waste sorting applications.

Absolutely, it will deliver better quality sorting and sort several fractions in a single pass.

That’s one of Waste Robotics key differentiators. We deliver specifically adapted robotic sorting applications.

Throughout its Licensed Integrator PartnerShip (LIPS) program Waste Robotics is building a network of specialised robotic integrators that can locally build, install and service Waste Robotics systems.

No, but we offer various hardware/software service packages to maintain equipment and software up-to-date.

Any type of waste. We will design the right solution to your needs. Biowaste, construction demolition, recyclable, mining, scrap metal, etc.

SAAS is different from leasing. We provide a full service the machine will full maintenance. SAAS is a full service (leasing is a financial tool). We work with a 4 years contract.

The mean time between failure is 100 000 hours.

We are affiliate with Fanuc. They have a worldwide network and we can send a specialist to repair the robot in a few hours.

Robot need low maintenance. A few hours maintenance (2-3 hours) is required every three months.