Our technology


Robots can unstack and sort piles of material ensuring a more complete separation and recovery of materials.

Cloud data sharing

Increases the precision and recovery rates of waste materials.

3D Camera

Durability of our robots is achieved through avoiding collisions of the waste materials.


Recognition of different types of materials improves the precision and sorting quality.


Ability to put several robots on the same sorting line. +20% more efficient than a single robot.


Multiple options tailored to your specific materials sorting requirements.


Waste Robotics is an excellent example of technical ingenuity.  Using robotics and advanced vision and learning, they’ve pioneered an innovate robotic recycling solution that addresses a global environmental problem – waste.  We’ve always known that robots are great for dirty and dangerous tasks – Waste found a way to tackle that and make the environment better.

Michael Cicco, CEO, Fanuc

We are thrilled to work with a leading-edge company such as Waste Robotics to offer our clients a truly competitive and economical solution for organics diversion,” 

Jim Wollschlager, CEO, Randy's Sanitation (Republic)

A professional team who listens attentively and goes the extra step of taking the customer’s perspective to help understand our operational requirements more clearly.  Through their unique approach it allowed for a more rapid, efficient, and enjoyable project execution experience.”

Gilles Venne, President, Groupe Gagnon


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