Waste Robotics

Waste Robotics integrates advanced waste handling processes, computer vision, deep learning algorithms and state-of-the-art robotic technologies to enable smaller, more precise, safer and more profitable waste recycling facilities.



Positive or negative sorting. Differenciate types of wood.

Presort & bags

Presort application
or MSW bag sorting.


Sort and differenciate all type of plastics & gain higher purity.


Sort scrap metal, meatballs and circuit boards using our adapted gripper.

Waste Analytics

Identification & stream report.


Tailored solutions to your needs.

What to expect?


Capture Rate





And always improving!

”Waste Robotics is an excellent example of technical ingenuity. Using robotics and advanced vision and learning, they’ve pioneered an innovate robotic recycling solution that addresses a global environmental problem – waste. We’ve always known that robots are great for dirty and dangerous tasks – Waste found a way to tackle that and make the environment better.”
Michael Cicco CEO Fanuc
”A professional team who listens attentively and goes the extra step of taking the customer’s perspective to help understand our operational requirements more clearly. Through their unique approach it allowed for a more rapid, efficient, and enjoyable project execution experience.”
Gilles Venne President Eco-Captation
”We are thrilled to work with a leading-edge company such as Waste Robotics to offer our clients a truly competitive and economical solution for organics diversion.”
Jim Wollschlager, CEO Randy’s Sanitation (Republic)
”A real pleasure working with Waste Robotics. Developing something that works in our plant for our needs was easy (for us!) The crew is creative, knowledgeable and thorough with training and making sure that the process is easy and that the robots are very user friendly.”
Shannon Dwire President Millennium Recycling
”Starting as an installer, we installed the first robot at Randy's in MN and realized its potential. The team brought fresh ideas to the industry. Impressed, I approached WR to design an automated C&D line. Now, with three sorting arms, we achieve over 90% capture. I not only purchased from them but also represent WR in the U.S., showcasing my strong belief in their technology. ”
Justin Rice, President Midwest Recycling Service

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