Metal & Meatballs


Don’t let your employees sort metal, hire robots to do the dangerous job
Choose your own configuration
Negative sorting Presort Quality control Positive sorting
Material to sort
Non ferrous
Meatballs (copper)


Let robots do the heavy lifting for precision, speed, and safety
lifting capacity
more materials recovered
fractions per robot
Fast payback
No labor involved


AI Vision
  • 2D-Color, 3D cameras
  • Colored camera
  • Volumetric mass calculation
  • Up to 25 effective picks min
  • Lift up to 20kg
  • 60’’ reach
  • 100 000 hours between meantime failure
  • Ability to toss accross conveyor belt
MonstR iA
  • Install in 30 minutes
  • High grip power
  • Grab 1.5’’ to 48’’ materials
  • Variable opening up to 20’’

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