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Bag sorting & counting
When: 2021
Where: Dunkerque, France
What: Extraction & characterization of bags from MSW stream
C&D, positive sorting
When: 2020
Where: Cartersville, United States
What: Wood A, wood B, rigid plastics, concrete, stone
Presort, extract bulky materials
When: 2023
Where: Sioux Falls, United States
What: Extraction of films, bags and other bulky materials
Presort, organic bags
When: 2017
Where: Minneapolis, United States
What: Extract bags from MSW stream
Presort, tetrapak
When: 2023
Where: Melbourne, Australia
What: Extraction of tetrapak
Quality control, plastics & paper
When: 2022
Where: Le Puy-en-Velay, France
What: PE, PS, paper
Refuse line fiber & container
When: 2021
Where: Paris, France
Tailored, polystyrene
When: 2020
Where: Prévost, Canada
What: Food container, commercial polystyrene packaging

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