Puy-en-Velay, France


Quality control plastics & paper


3Wayste faced the challenge of automating their quality control lines while addressing labor issues and improving working conditions for their employees. They sought to eliminate the physically demanding tasks associated with sorting and offer their workers better positions within the sorting center.


To tackle these challenges, 3Wayste implemented three robotized sorting lines equipped with cutting-edge technology:

  • Line 1: Two small and fast robots were deployed, powered by hyperspectral vision technology. This allowed for the accurate differentiation between different types of plastics, specifically PE and PP. The robots efficiently reclassified these materials, automating the quality control process.
  • Line 2: Similar to Line 1, two robots equipped with hyperspectral vision were utilized to reclassify PET and ELA. This automation ensured precise sorting of these materials, improving overall efficiency and accuracy.
  • Line 3: One robot was dedicated to sorting cartons, streamlining the process and reducing the need for manual labor.


The implementation of robotized sorting lines brought about impressive results for 3Wayste:

  • Enhanced Performance: The robots demonstrated exceptional speed and efficiency, capable of performing up to 8,000 picks per hour. This significantly increased the throughput and productivity of the quality control process.
  • High Capture and Precision Rates: The robots achieved an impressive capture rate of 95% and a precision rate of 98%. This ensured accurate sorting and minimized errors, leading to improved material recovery outcomes.
  • Increased Recovery Rate: With the robotized sorting lines in place, 3Wayste experienced a notable 45% increase in recovery rate. This improvement directly contributed to their overall recycling efficiency and sustainability goals.

By integrating robotized sorting lines powered by hyperspectral vision technology, 3Wayste successfully automated their quality control process, resolving labor issues and offering better working conditions for their employees. The implementation resulted in significant performance enhancements, including higher capture and precision rates, as well as a substantial increase in the recovery rate. Overall, the collaboration between 3Wayste and the robotic sorting lines brought about remarkable improvements in recycling operations, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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