Waste Robotic

Presort & bags


Prevent equipment damage and maintenance, hire presort robots
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Negative sorting Presort Quality control Positive sorting
Material to sort
Bag from MSW
Bulky material


Minimize failures, optimize workflow, and maximize productivity
detection precision
capture rate
fractions per robot
Fast payback
Low cost maintenance


Waste Robotic
AI Vision
  • 2D-Color and 3D camera
  • Colored camera
  • Volumetric mass calculation
Waste Robotic
  • Up to 25 effective picks min
  • Lift up to 20kg
  • 60'' reach
  • 100 000 hours between meantime failure
  • Ability to toss accross conveyor belt
Waste Robotic
BagR AI Gripper
  • Install in 25 minutes
  • High grip power
  • Grab all types of bags
  • Intelligent variable opening up to 10’’
  • Lift up to 30 pounds

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Waste Robotic
Bag sorting & counting
When: 2021
Where: Dunkerque, France
What: Extraction & characterization of bags from MSW stream

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