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Meeting the demand for organic waste recycling is time-consuming and costly, and not to mention, a dirty job making it difficult to maintain a full staff. These reasons can feel insurmountable as barriers for cities looking to add organic waste recycling to their curb-side residential services. Waste Robotics has a solution for that: throw it all in the same bin with your recyclables and garbage – or in other words, residents simply place their organic waste in separate, recyclable bags along with their weekly trash pick-up saving money on bins, trucks, and drivers and allowing you to operate routes more efficiently.

Our robots are programmed to recognize bags that contain organic wastes, and effectively sort and separate these bags from garbage and single-stream recycling. They sort fast and efficiently (ie. up to nine tons per hour per robot) limited only by how fast you can add more waste to be sorted! The recovered organics can them be sent for composting or for anaerobic digestion and the production of biogas. There is no need for separate bins, additional trucks, or extra staff.

Citizens simply place their organic waste in separate, recyclable bags, which they throw in the same bin as other garbage. Bags of organic waste are collected by a single truck with the rest of the garbagesaving money on bins, trucks, and drivers and allowing you to run routes more efficiently.

Waste Robotics’ intelligent robot automatically sorts the organic waste bags at the transfer station, in order to recover them for composting or biogas. Learn how Randy’s Sanitation of Minneapolis, Minnesota uses our robots to sort out organics in their compostable bag program.

Our robots can sort

  • Organic materials

  • Recyclable materials

  • Batteries

  • Textiles

  • Paper bags

  • Containers

  • Glass

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