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July 17 2018 | Non classé

Here’s the Waste Robotics Market News including the 10 key news of this week in waste and recycling industries.


€10 billion worth of investment needed to improve EU recycling

July 12th 2018 – Up to €10 billion worth of investments will be needed to improve separate collection, sorting and recycling capacity at EU level, according to FEAD. The EU private waste and resource management industry highlighted crucial points that its says need to be looked at in order for the Plastics Strategy to be fully effective. This included plastic products designed for recycling, reduced VAT for products with recycled content and quality standards.

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HMSHost to Eliminate Plastic Straws by 2020

July 13 2018 – North American airport restaurants and travel venues are eliminating plastic straws thanks to global restaurateur HMSHost. The company operates award-winning casual and quick-service dining locations at airports and motorways across North America. Approximately 100 million straws were used at HMSHost North American locations last year, but that will soon end. HMSHost announced the elimination of its plastic straw use by 2020.

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Why smart bins are increasing efficiency of local authority waste collections

July 11, 2018 – It has transitioned from being a humble container to an integral component in increasing recycling rates and shaping urban environments. For some, bins have now become multi-faceted communications devices, monitoring instruments and vehicles in which to boost the sustainability credentials of an area. For others, they have become tools to help reduce waste-collection-related traffic. Crucially, however, bins have come to represent ways in which local authorities can become more resource-efficient, improve their waste collection strategies and deliver cleaner streets.

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How San Francisco sends less trash to the landfill than any other major U.S. city

July 14 2018 – The average American produces about 4.4 pounds of waste per day. Roughly 1.5 pounds of that is composted or recycled, meaning the U.S. avoids sending just 34 percent of its waste to landfills, according to the EPA. San Francisco provides a much different narrative. Thanks to bold public policy and educational initiatives, the city diverts about 80 percent of its waste from landfills, or more than 1.5 million tons every year.

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How Waste Management Innovators are Capitalizing on Healthcare Materials

July 12 2018 – U.S. hospitals are increasingly under fire to divert the 5.9 million tons of waste they generate each year, but most continues to be landfilled or incinerated, according to nonprofit Practice Greenhealth. One big problem is recyclers are often reluctant to take it, finding it difficult to deal with or to market. It’s hard to find a chain of players to consolidate high volumes of materials and create a quality feedstock. The problems lie with waste coming directly from medical supply manufacturing, too.

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Report: By April next year, England will be burning more waste than it recycles

July 15 2018 – By April 2019 England is on course to be burning more waste than it recycles, according to a new report released today by the Green Party. Across London, the West Midlands, and the North East more rubbish is already burnt than recycled, and other regions are set to ensure the overall UK rate of incineration reaches a similar level by the end of this financial year, the report claims.

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Calgarians cut landfill waste in half — but much of what is thrown out still shouldn’t go to the dump

July 15 2018 – Calgarians have essentially halved how much they send to the landfill compared with about a decade ago, statistics show — which suggests programs aimed at reducing waste are paying off. Last year, on average, each resident sent 368 kilograms to one of the city’s three landfills, according to new numbers from the city. That’s 48 per cent less than what Calgarians did nine years ago, in 2008, when 712 kilograms was landfilled per person.

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Morrisons giving out coupons when customers recycle plastic bottles

July 14, 2018 – Customers can now save money and help the environment with Morrisons new recycling scheme. The supermarket chain will offer points that can be redeem for coupons when customers return single-use plastic bottles. The trial, which is only available in the retailer’s stores in Skipton, North Yorkshire, and Lindsayfield, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, right now, will see the set up of two reverse vending machines. Customers can deposit all plastic bottles with a barcode and any Morrisons own-brand bottles that may not have one.

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‘1,000 tonnes of recycling rendered worthless by Amey’, claims Gloucester councillor

July 13 2018 – Gloucester’s contracted rubbish collector Amey have rendered 1,000 tonnes of recycling worthless, a councillor has claimed. In the latest chapter of a bitter row between the council and its contractor, councillor Richard Cook said of the 2,000 tonnes of recycled rubbish that could not be financially accounted for, 697 tonnes of it were sent to landfill. But one of the firm’s directors said there is “absolutely no evidence” recyclable material has ever been sent to landfill.

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‘Pay what you feel’: the supermarket giving wasted food new life

July 13 2018 – A man places his shopping bag on the counter filled with canned goods, fruit, vegetables and a loaf of bread. He passes it to a woman, who weighs the bag, while her colleague makes a note on a clipboard. Then they wish him luck. “Come back soon,” 19-year-old Vincent Hui tells him. No money changes hands. Asked why he had come to the shop, the man tells Guardian Australia: “Some days are just tough.”

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