Waste Robotics intelligent robots to sort waste to be launched in Minneapolis

May 8 2017 | Non classé

Marathon Equipment, a Dover Company, and Organix Solutions proudly announce their installation of a Waste Robotics intelligent bag-sorting robot for waste at Randy’s Sanitation of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This system has been customized to fully automate their organics diversion sort line. 

“We are thrilled to work with a leading edge company such as Waste Robotics to offer our clients a truly competitive and economical solution for organics diversion,” said Jim Wollschlager, Organix Solutions’ CEO.

The new and emerging Waste Robotics company develops and builds robotic solutions for the waste industry. “Working with industry leaders such as Marathon and Organix Solutions helps us design better and more innovative products to fulfill today’s market needs,” said Eric Camirand, Chief Technology Officer of Waste Robotics.

As a market leading waste handling equipment manufacturer, Marathon understands the importance of staying on top of innovations. “Waste Robotics is integrating state-of- the-art technologies to achieve remarkable organic waste handling applications that we could only dream of just a few years back,” said Geoff Apthorp, Marathon’s Vice President of Business Development and Engineering. “Marathon is pleased to be working with Waste Robotics and Organix to advance our collective vision of value-added diversion of organic waste from landfill with new-to- world technologies such as this.”

More information about the Waste Robotics intelligent robot for organics sorting and diversion systems will be available at the Organix Solutions booth #3153 during Waste Expo 2017 May 9 – 11 in New Orleans.


Marathon Equipment is a leading manufacturer of innovative waste handling and processing equipment, including balers, compactors, material handling systems and next generation technologies designed to increase waste stream diversion from America’s landfills while delivering the lowest cost of ownership. Marathon Equipment is a Dover Company. For more information, please visit www.marathonequipment.com.


Organix Solutions provides cost-effective and sustainable collection and processing solutions that recover organic waste and maximize the potential value of the recyclable feedstocks.

Our patent pending Blue Bag Organics® and Green Bag Organix™ Co-Collection Program eliminates the need for haulers to add routes, trucks and containers to collect organics, saving enormous costs. The company also manufactures agricultural mulch films developed for soil biodegradable applications. At the end of the growing cycle, Organix A.G. Film™ can be plowed into the soil, eliminating a significant amount of agricultural plastic waste sent to landfill. Organix Solutions is headquartered in Maple Grove, Minnesota. For more information, please visit www.OrganixSolutions.com.

Source : Waste Robotics Inc, sur Biogas World / Read the article

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