Waste Robotics announces US partnership with Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer

October 23 2019 | Non classé

Waste Robotics, based in Quebec, has announced a partnership with Bermuda-based Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer for deployment of their equipment to a materials processor in the Atlanta metro area.

Waste Robotics will supply three WR-2 C&D sorting robots to sort construction and demolition (C&D) waste and various types of green waste at the facility. The company says the robots are able to recognize hundreds of different materials, including organics, plastics, papers, woods, bricks, concrete and metals. Among other things, they can accurately determine the quality of the wood and the differences between aggregates and plastics, the company says.

In addition, Torxx will supply a kinetic pulverizer to the customer. Torxx says its pulverizer smashes input material together at high speed. This pulverizes hard materials and tears softer materials into a fluff, which the company says creates a smaller output than traditional technology.

“By combining two innovative technologies, we enable our end client to sort and prepare C&D recycled material to meet specific market needs,” says Eric Camirand, CEO of Waste Robotics.

“The ability to control the quality of the end product with robotic sorting and our size reduction technology is key to market end products” says Peter Everson, CEO of Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer.

Article first published in Construction & Demolition Recycling. 

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