Waste Robotics : a company from Quebec moving full steam ahead!

April 26 2018 | Non classé

Quebec City, April, 25 2018 — Waste Robotics, a company specializing in implementing intelligent robots for sorting organic materials, stands out in the industry because of its extensive expertise. In fact, the company recently won several prestigious awards such as the Lauréat Radio-Canada Le Soleil and the Défi des startups du Salon des technologies environnementales du Québec, organized by Réseau Environnement.


Waste Robotics: Intelligent recycling  

Waste Robotics offers a new technology for intelligent recycling that is very timely given the current environmental concerns. The company successfully combines artificial intelligence and other technologies to create sorting robots capable of separating organic materials from other waste on a single conveyor.

First, citizens sort their organic materials at home and put them in special colored bags. These bags are placed in the existing waste bin and they are picked up at the same time during separate collection. At the sorting centre, intelligent robots automatically find the bags containing organic materials and separate them from the other waste.


Robotic technologies for sorting waste in line with current environmental issues

Waste Robotics’ robotic technnologies for sorting waste provides municipal organizations several advantages as compared to the organics collection in a separate organics bin, including:

  • Significant savings: study in Lac-Saint-Jean, for example, found that this solution would result in recurring savings of 15%
  • Reducing greenhouse gases by reducing the number of trucks needed to collect waste
  • Higher recovery rate of organic materials
  • Improved quality of organics collected due to a lower contamination rate

At a time when more governments are planning to ban organic matters from landfills, these intelligent robots for sorting organics are the solution to consider.


Undeniable Growth for Waste Robotics

Waste Robotics continues its undeniable growth in recent months thanks to its unique intelligent recycling technology. As of today, the company has installed its robots in Delano, Minnesota. Additionally, Waste Robotics have recently participated in trade missions to Silicon Valley with Régis Labeaume, the mayor of Quebec City, and in Paris with François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s Minister of International Trade. During these meetings, Waste Robotics  had the opportunity to speak with major players in clean technology and artificial intelligence industries. In addition, Waste Robotics is currently taking part in Waste Expo, a key event in the waste and recycling industry in Las Vegas.


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