Trash Talk

November 30 2021 | Non classé

Greg Blackman reports on a presentation Eric Camirand of Waste Robotics gave about hyperspectral imaging and robotics used in recycling plants

Sorting and recycling waste is not only crucial for the planet, it is also big business.

‘One of the key components of waste sorting is quality of the material you are sorting, so you can resell the material – that’s getting important nowadays,’ Eric Camirand, founder and chief executive of Waste Robotics, noted during a presentation for Imaging and Machine Vision Europe as part of a webinar on hyperspectral imaging.

Recycling centres get paid to receive waste and sort it. Everything they can separate out to be recycled – or resold if possible – saves on material going to landfill. The material that’s missed and sent to landfill costs money. ‘They’re trying to avoid the landfill cost and capture quality products. It’s all about sorting out quality in the least expensive way,’ Camirand explained.

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