Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Presort, bulky materials


Millennium Recycling was confronted with labor challenges that impeded their operations. Additionally, there was an urgent need to address the removal of bags and other bulky materials during the pre-sort stage to prevent equipment breakage and ensure a smooth recycling process.


To tackle these obstacles head-on, Millennium Recycling turned to Waste Robotics for a timely and effective solution. Waste Robotics provided a customized approach by implementing two heavy sorting robots on the pre-sort line. These robots were specifically designed to handle the removal of bags and bulky materials. Equipped with Gripper AI technology, the robots displayed remarkable accuracy in grasping and handling the bags.


Since the integration of Waste Robotics’ solution, the results for Millennium Recycling have been outstanding. The robots have demonstrated an impressive performance, capable of executing up to 3000 picks per hour. Their strength enables them to lift heavy bags weighing up to 20kg consistently and efficiently. With a precision rate of 95%, the robots ensure precise sorting and minimize errors. The implementation has led to a remarkable 55% increase in the recovery rate, significantly enhancing Millennium Recycling’s recycling output and overall sustainability efforts. Waste Robotics’ solution has not only streamlined operations but also safeguarded equipment, providing Millennium Recycling with a reliable and effective solution to their labor and equipment challenges.


A real pleasure working with Waste Robotics. Developing something that works in our plant for our needs was easy (for us!) The crew is creative, knowledgeable and thorough with training and making sure that the process is easy and that the robots are very user friendly.

Shannon Dwire, President at Millennium Recycling inc.

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