Delano, Minnesota


Organic bags co-collection program


Randy’s Sanitation, now Republic, had been a pioneer in the organic bags co-collection program, making significant strides in cost-effective and efficient collection of source-separated organic waste. However, a pressing challenge arose when it came to the extraction of bags from the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) stream at their Delano, MN transfer station. The manual bag extraction process was labor-intensive, dehumanizing, and exposed workers to dull, dirty, and dangerous conditions.


Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Randy’s turned to Waste Robotics for an automated alternative. Waste Robotics delivered a tailored solution in the form of a fully automated robotic sorting line. The system incorporated an in-feed conveyor, a sorting conveyor, a platform, and a gantry-style robot system equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence vision technology and gripper AI.


Following the installation of the robotic sorting line in December 2017, the extraction of organic bags witnessed a significant improvement. The line boasts a processing capacity of up to 15 tons per hour and can extract 1800 bags per hour, each weighing up to 20 lbs. This notable enhancement in efficiency at the transfer station resulted in a reduction in labor costs while ensuring a safer and more humane working environment for employees. Randy’s Sanitation, now Republic, continues to benefit from the optimized bag extraction process achieved through Waste Robotics’ automated solution.


We are thrilled to work with a leading-edge company such as Waste Robotics to offer our clients a truly competitive and economical solution for organics diversion.

Jim Wollschlager, CEO, Randy's Sanitation (Republic)

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