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Construction & demolition positive sorting


Green Waste, a recycling company based in Cartersville, Georgia, faced the challenge of labor shortage and the inherent risks associated with manually sorting Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials. The owner, Justin Rice, sought an automated solution that could address these challenges while ensuring efficient and safe operations. Additionally, the solution needed to handle heavy loads, requiring robots capable of lifting substantial weights. To tackle these obstacles, Justin turned to Waste Robotics for assistance.


Waste Robotics rose to the challenge by delivering a tailored, fully automated robotic sorting line specifically designed for Green Waste’s needs. The solution enabled robotic extraction of wood A, wood B, concrete, and stone. The system comprised three robots with a lifting capacity of up to 45 lbs each. Importantly, the robots were equipped with advanced vision capabilities to detect and avoid cross-contamination by identifying contaminated materials.


Following the installation of Waste Robotics’ robotic sorting line in November 2020, Green Waste experienced compelling benefits:

  • Enhanced Sorting Accuracy: The automated system, equipped with advanced vision technology, enabled precise differentiation between wood A and wood B. This capability ensured exact quality and purity of sorting, leading to improved recycling outcomes.
  • Cost Savings: By automating the sorting process, Green Waste achieved substantial cost savings, amounting to $200,000 per year. The reduction in labor requirements, combined with increased operational efficiency, significantly contributed to the company’s financial performance.
  • Improved Capture Rate: The robotic sorting line delivered remarkable results, with an impressive 40% improvement in the capture rate. The advanced vision capabilities of the robots allowed for efficient identification and extraction of targeted materials, further enhancing recycling efficiency.
  • Rapid Investment Payback: Green Waste’s investment in the robotic sorting line demonstrated a swift payback period of just two years. This financial success underscored the cost-effectiveness and long-term value of the automated solution.

The implementation of Waste Robotics’ automated sorting line revolutionized Green Waste’s operations. With the ability to handle heavy loads, ensure safety, and increase sorting accuracy, the company experienced substantial cost savings, improved capture rates, and a rapid return on investment. Waste Robotics’ tailored solution proved instrumental in transforming Green Waste’s sorting processes, enabling efficient and sustainable recycling operations.


Starting as an installer, we installed the first robot at Randy’s in MN and realized its potential. The team brought fresh ideas to the industry. Impressed, I approached WR to design an automated C&D line. Now, with three sorting arms, we achieve over 90% capture. I not only purchased from them but also represent WR in the U.S., showcasing my strong belief in their technology. 

Justin Rice, President Midwest Recycling Service

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