Waste Vision

Characterize your flow


  • Characterize the flow to gain processed insight
  • Detect new revenue opportunities
  • Optimize sorting center operations with the data collected
  • Provide reports to governments/authorities/large corporations
  • Ability to do traceability
  • Stop the sorting line when a hazardous waste is detected
  • Over than 130 millions object detected

Our technology

  • 2D colored camera for AI recognition and color sorting

  • 3D camera for volumetric and masse calculations

  • Human machine interface [HMI] presents live result of AI predictions

  • Information is stored in the cloud and can be used to analyze the flow

  • Detect unwanted material

  • With hyperspectral, we can read the chemistry of materials. Per example, these two lids are similar, but in fact, they’re made of two different materials. Hyperspectral helps you avoid contamination, by sorting waste in the right bin.

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