Tailored to your sorting needs

You have a sorting issue? We have the solution!

Use 100% of your business potential by being more efficient. We can train the system to pick whatever you need.

From the design and supply of equipment for a greenfield plant, to the addition of a single machine for an existing production line, we are here to help.


Our specialist will assist you in identifying the most suitable robot for your specific needs

Fast picker

Lift 1kg

Inter picker

Lift 10kg

Heavy picker

Lift 20kg

Then select the adapted vision and software



Gripper AI


Regular AI

And provide the right gripper for a high picking rate


Perfect to pick bags and bulky materials


For heavy duty job as wood, concrete, metal picking


Adapted to rigid plastic such as PP and HDPE


Ideal for plastics, carton, paper and aluminum can

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Tailored, polystyrene
When: 2020
Where: Prévost, Canada
What: Food container, commercial polystyrene packaging

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