Waste Robotic



Triple your volume and certify your final product
Choose your own configuration
Negative sorting Quality control Positive sorting
Material to sort
Food-Grade polystyrene
Non-Food polystyrene


Achieve consistent quality
detection precision
picking rate
more materials recovered
Fast payback
No labor involved


Waste Robotic
AI Vision
  • Cameras 2D-Couleur, 3D
Waste Robotic
  • Up to 25 effective picks min
  • Lift up to 1KG
  • 60’’ reach
Waste Robotic
DagR AI Gripper
  • Install in 30 minutes
  • Very low maintenance & easy to replace
  • Adapted to material to pick

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Waste Robotic
Tailored, polystyrene
When: 2020
Where: Prévost, Canada
What: Food container, commercial polystyrene packaging

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